About the Author

The Crystal Caves

Candace L. Sherman is a stone whisperer who lives in Newport, RI. Her life-long passion for stones began in early childhood, as did her gift for making jewelry.
She opened a storefront in 1976 to sell her one-of-a-kind fine jewelry creations. Candace quickly became known for her ability to look at stones and know how they wanted to be mounted.  
Through that store, her crystal shop, and her travels with fine art and craft shows, she taught others to work with stone healing energy and color vibrations. 
Focusing on her ability to channel stone healing properties, she is now sharing her knowledge through books.

What is a nine-foot tall talking giraffe
doing hanging around in the Crystal Caves?

All will become crystal clear when you go to...

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Meet Peter, Kathy, Justine, and Gwen.
Four different children, four different ages, thrown together because their parents are friends. 
Regardless of this forced connection, they find a friendship of their own when they wind up on a life-changing adventure deep inside in the mystical Crystal Caves. 
As they desperately seek their way home after becoming lost in the labyrinth of caverns and tunnels, they come across weird and wonderful characters who act as their guides.
Through these encounters, each of them become more aware of the kind of person their inner self knows they can be.
Journey with them into the wonder of the crystal caves and discover the healing properties of the stunning stones they collect along the way.
Learn to meditate, and marvel at the fun historical facts they uncover. Accompany our valiant heroes as they experience each new thrilling twist and turn of the caves.
How will this adventure change their lives?
What do they learn about themselves?
Will they even get home?

2018 © Copyright CL Sherman

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